The Family and Kids Dentist: Allies of Our Health

Who doesn’t always want to know their loved ones are safe and healthy? This is why it is important to have a trusted person, such as the family Dentist Tarneit, who knows our history, listens to our symptoms and places their experience at the service of our well-being. It is not only reassuring, but above all, it can be decisive for preventing, diagnosing early and effectively treating the symptoms of any pathology.

The role of the family dentist

Now the dentist no longer deals exclusively with teeth and mouth care. In fact, scientific evidence has shown a close correlation between oral health and the general health of the whole body. Periodontitis, for example, is so frequently associated with diabetes that it is called the “sixth complication of diabetes”. But it may be less known that inflammation of the gums can cause problems during pregnancy or that bruxism is frequently the cause of headaches and facial neuralgia. Emergency Dentist Hoppers Crossing is one who can also support you in case of dental emergencies.

Nowadays, taking care of the mouth means having the long-term health of the whole body at heart. For this reason, the Family Dentist Hoppers Crossing can greatly contribute to our well-being by periodically monitoring any suspicious symptoms of possible correlations between oral and systemic pathologies.

When to book a first dental visit?

The first visit is not an oral hygiene check-up, which must follow a periodic calendar; instead, it is a preventive check that lasts about an hour and aims to:

  • Get to know the patient in depth, his family history, the treatments he has already carried out, and current or previous pathologies;
  • Evaluate your general health and diagnose any predisposition to the development of systemic diseases that may show oral symptoms;
  • Early diagnosis of caries, periodontitis, gingivitis, bruxism or orthodontic problems;
  • Create a relationship of trust between doctor and patient, which contributes to living oral health with serenity and providing information and solutions to maintain it over time.

It would therefore be important to fix the first dental visit in a moment of serenity, even without the presence of particular symptoms that risk only being a nuisance. 

Children’s dentist: what characteristics should he have?

The dentist is a point of reference for everyone when it comes to taking care of one’s mouth, especially children. Indeed, in the first years of our life, we learn the importance of oral hygiene and all the related habits – such as brushing our teeth after each meal. In addition, it is important to frequently check the entire dentition phase – the birth and development of teeth – to avoid the onset of problems and pathologies.

Furthermore, children have different needs, fears and approaches than adults, and therefore a Kids Dentist Werribee must have particular characteristics. Let’s see which ones.

Avoid the “fear of the dentist.”

First and foremost, the Kids Dentist Tarneit must be able to make the little ones feel at ease. The first visit takes place with the formation of permanent teeth, i.e. around the age of 5-7. It is a rather delicate age in which children risk getting scared and developing the famous “fear of the dentist “, which could accompany them for life. This is why it is essential to make them feel at ease: parents play a very important role in this sense, but the children’s dentist must be able to reassure the young patients before and during the visit. To do this, a few small tricks are enough:

  • Set up a comfortable waiting room: comics, colouring books, and some toys help children have fun and distract themselves before checking;
  • Be kind and smiling: the little ones are often frightened during their first visits, and being available and attentive to their needs will help to calm them down;
  • Do not use terms that scare the child: avoid words such as “anesthesia”, “drill”, or “puncture”, and replace them with others that do not scare the little patient;
  • Give a reward at the end of the visit: a candy at the end of the check is a good reward and, at the same time, an excuse to remember to brush your teeth once more.

By paying attention to these aspects, it will be possible to make children’s experience at the dentist more pleasant and – consequently – it will be easier to teach them all the rules for good oral hygiene.

At Quattro Dental Clinic, each family member has their own cure.

Each phase of life has its own needs and requires specific attention and treatment. In order to be able to listen to the needs, expressed or not, of each member of the family, including children, the specialists of the Quattro Dental Clinic have thoroughly studied the peculiarities of each age and organized the most suitable and effective treatments for adults and children.

Thanks to the complementary nature of the skills within the Quattro Dental Clinic studies, we have a range of high-quality services and technologies, complete for the whole family, to keep teeth and gums healthy at all ages. Our team of Emergency Dentist Tarneitcan also support you in case of emergency interventions.

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